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Mindfulness for Organisations

We all recognise the importance of being physically fit, but with our increasingly busy lives longer working hours it is important to look after our mental wellbeing. Mindfulness is a useful tool to do this.

“Mental wellbeing is just as vital as being physically fit and we need more businesses to help their staff adopt mindfulness into their daily lives.”
Dr Davina Deniszczyc – Medical Executive Director, Nuffield Health

Mindfulness reduces stress and builds resilience, improves our interaction with others, as we become less reactive and more in control of our emotions, and improves performance, as we are more able to sustain focus.

Importantly, mindfulness allows us to be more fully engaged in our lives, and broadens our horizons as we are more able to see the choices available to us and make better decisions. This means we are happier, healthier and more likely to fulfil our potential.

What people are saying about our Mindfulness training

“MindLab’s self-guided web-based Mindfulness training programme offers a wealth of crystal clear, inspiring, and practical guidance for how to develop and sustain a mindfulness practice in the midst of a busy professional life. This is a powerful resource for individuals, organisations, leaders, coaches, and educators seeking an effective way to introduce themselves and their colleagues to mindfulness in a credible, well founded, and easily accessible manner.”

Dr. Joel & Michelle Levey – Founders, Wisdom at Work.
Mindfulness faculty, University of Minnesota Medical School.
Pioneers in mindfulness research, education, and organisational programmes with over 45 years of experience, renowned authors.

“I have worked closely with Gail as she helped deliver a practical, interactive Yoga and Mindfulness course to Year 3 medical students over the course of an academic year. Her unique background, experiences, passion and knowledge shines through in her work and this course was very well-received by all the students. Her sessions are always engaging, clearly communicated and she effectively adapts to her learners’ needs and experiences. I would have no hesitation in recommending her and her sessions to anybody.
Dr Nikul Kotecha – 2022
(This face-to-face programme has been delivered since 2017 to Medical Students at Imperial College)

“I wanted to thank you for the mindfulness session. I’m using it in my practice lots and have convinced some of the partners in the practice too! Feedback has been positive! Brilliant experience.”
GP Trainee – Half day mindfulness course

“Colleagues gave some great feedback on the session when asked about their favourite part of the day through our away day survey: The Mindfulness session, as a tool to help everyday focus in busy and stressed environment.”
Department for Culture Media and Sport – Away day

“Thank you for delivering a really interesting and thought provoking course. It has certainly influenced the way I interact with clients and has been very positive.”
Physiologist – Nuffield Health CPD day

“Very useful programme… pleased to be able to incorporate mindfulness into my life to help my general well-being, to tackle stress and general pressure of work/ life balance.”
Manager – Global F&B Company

“Gail manages to combine an accessible introduction and practical taste of mindfulness with relevant theory and evidence to back it up. I’ll certainly be asking her back for more.”
Dr Graham Easton – GP Trainee Course Director

“I would like to feedback how brilliant I thought the course was! I found it so informative and supportive and actually am feeling much better in myself from it”
Helen – Nuffield Health

“I really enjoyed the mindfulness session at Aviva today. It was very eye-opening and I feel excited at the prospect of starting mindfulness”
William – Aviva

Mindfulness training

  • Standard or bespoke Introductory mindfulness sessions in person or online.
  • Popular is the 45 minute ‘Taming your brain with mindfulness’ in which we introduce mindfulness – what it is? what it is not? why practise? together with a chance to experience a mindfulness practice.
  • Tailored sessions for specific needs – away days, conference talks, CPD
  • Sessions can range from 30 minutes to full days and can be delivered in person or online.

Costs start from £175

Mindfulness consultancy

Mindfulness consultancy to assist with the development of in-house mindfulness courses or the embedding of mindfulness into other programmes.

We can work closely with you to develop a mindfulness course suited to your environment and needs.  This can range from short ‘one off’ digital offerings to an extensive programme.


The KnowledgeLab programme is a digital, web-based mindfulness training for the workplace.

It is designed as a natural follow up after a taster session for those wishing to establish a mindfulness practice.

This modular programme is designed for busy individuals working at their own pace.

Yoga for Organisations

Whether your staff are stuck behind a desk, the wheel of a car, standing on their feet, or any prolonged and repetitive activity they could all unwind and unravel these daily habits that might be impacting their lives and their work. Weaving anatomical knowledge, personal experience and yoga together to create accessible classes with the aim to bring balance and harmony to every body.

Yoga is proven to relieve stress and anxiety in an enjoyable and new experience. A great way for the team to connect with each other in a friendly environment.

What people are saying about our Yoga training

“Thank you for the brilliant session this morning, Gail!”
Breathing Techniques workshop for a Publishing Company

“Thank you, Gail, lovely session as always.”
Guided meditations for a Pharmaceutical company

“Thanks so much for the session today! It was very interesting and I definitely learned a lot, as I’m sure the students did!”
Dominique GP
Yoga and Mindfulness for Medical Students

“Thank you, Gail, so lovely to meet you yesterday, I led a gentle yoga class for the patients today and used some of the breathing techniques you showed us – and it went down so well!”
Alisha GP
Attendee Yoga and Mindfulness Workshop
Annual Teachers Conference for GP Teachers

Yoga Workshops

We can provide taster sessions suitable for the workplace and tailored to your needs.

This may be to fit with other events such as wellbeing days or as a part of mental health awareness week.

Costs start from £50

Yoga courses

We offer a range of web based yoga courses suitable for the workplace, such as Desk Based Yoga and Breathing Techniques. We can also work with you to develop bespoke courses to sit within other wellbeing programmes.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy for Organisations

We can help your employees bring about the changes they want to see, to fulfil their potential and achieve goals.

We offer introductory sessions where we explore how the brain works and give practical techniques to relax, build confidence and make positive changes. As well as hypnotherapy for individuals.

Solution focused therapy…

As the name suggests, focuses on solutions that are available to you rather than on the ‘problem’. This means that therapy is forward looking and is generally a positive experience. It is a collaborative approach, using practical strategies to inspire and support change. It is important that you want to make the changes for yourself and are prepared to actively engage with the process.

Guided Hypnosis…

Is very relaxing and natural method to alter your state of consciousness. It is nothing to be wary of, you remain in control. It is in this relaxed state of heightened awareness that you are able to start to create the change you wish to see. To become that person you want to be.

What people are saying about Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

“I was totally unprepared for the immediate and positive effect that my sessions would have on other aspects of life and my overall wellbeing. The increase in confidence that I gained from my first two practices led me to make decisions that have dramatically improved my life.

Hypnotherapy has without a doubt made me think more clearly and positively and given me the confidence to achieve things that years of previous experience effort and practice had not.”
Sarah – Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy sessions

“All my sessions have been life changing with Gail.

I have a built a lovely bond with her and shared all the problems I have had in the past year. She has pin pointed my therapy to exactly what I have been struggling with and I have found all the advice she has given me on dealing with difficult situations, like lack of sleep and anxiety over medical appointments so very helpful. I now use them in all my day to day life.

Gail has been very attentive and understanding and has kept a close eye on me. Her therapy skills are wonderfully transporting and I enjoy every moment. Thank you.”
Charlotte – Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy sessions

“I have found the sessions with Gail very helpful. The process of talking through the things that make my life stressful and coming up with practical tools I can use to make my life flow more easily and with less stress has been incredibly useful.

Like any therapy, it is comforting to know the time is for me. I feel properly listened to and understood. Gail is professional, knowledgeable and sensitive.

The recording has been wonderful for helping me rest and sleep and I also really enjoy the live hypnotherapy.

It’s hard quantify how much less anxious I am and how much more confident I feel, but I am certain that it has had a positive impact. I feel stronger internally, more in control.”
Abigail – Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy sessions

“I just wanted to send you a quick email to express my thanks, and give some feedback with regard to the hypnotherapy sessions we have had over the past couple of months. The sessions have been incredibly insightful, and so very relaxing, and I have felt a very significant and positive change in my levels of anxiety and the way in which I approach the problems that come my way.

I can’t thank you enough for providing me with the tools to help manage every potentially stressful situation. Thanks again!”
Nicola – Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy sessions

“I am so grateful for the solution-focused hypnotherapy sessions, which have made a massive difference to how I view the difficulties I have been facing. I wasn’t sure about hypnotherapy being right for me, but my improved feeling of wellbeing has convinced me.

I have especially appreciated the approach of just taking a small step each week to make a slight improvement in how things are – this has helped to make change feel achievable. Thank you again.”
Gill – Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy sessions

Introductory sessions

We offer introductory sessions suitable for a general audience, with practical tips and an opportunity to experience deep relaxation.

These sessions can be tailored to specific needs, from reducing stress and building resilience to creating positive change. They could be part of a health awareness programme and focus on areas such as weight loss, managing menopause and sleeping better.

Sessions can range from 30 minutes to full days and can be delivered in person or online.

Costs start from £175

For individuals in the workplace

You may wish to add Solution Focused Hypnotherapy as part of your employee benefits or incorporate it into your development programme.

It is a powerful tool to ameliorate stress, build confidence and achieve goals. It can be used to help individuals who are ‘stuck’ to gain momentum again.

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