Evidence based techniques and therapiesto tame your brain and change your life

Mindfulness for Individuals

Practising mindfulness for just 10 minutes a day changes the brain in a positive way improving cognitive performance, including increased ability to focus and concentrate, improved memory and ability to learn, and enhanced emotional intelligence.

There are many reasons to incorporate mindfulness into our daily lives from reducing stress, improving mood and increasing focus to feeling happier.

It is a skill that translates across all stages of life and is a useful tool for the challenges we face. You don’t need anything to be wrong with you to benefit from practising mindfulness. It is a great way to exercise your brain and build mental fitness.

What people are saying about mindfulness

“I joined Gail’s online mindfulness course from home following my mother’s death and a need to find some inner calm during lockdown. I found the sessions Gail ran extremely helpful and energising. Learning how to confront and control difficult thoughts was, at times, challenging but once learned, a very helpful skill for life. Gail’s delivery was extremely clear and easy to engage with and follow. I would certainly recommend her to anyone wanting to embark on a mindfulness course.”
Helen – Participant on a Mindfulness course delivered on Zoom

“When I first started mindfulness I hadn’t realised just how messy my life had become. Between juggling work, friends and university I had lost the ability to listen to my own thoughts. Mindfulness has helped me to rediscover the world through a calmer mind and to achieve and overcome circumstances beyond my belief.”
Sanya – Medical Student, Imperial College

“I initially trained with Gail as I wanted to be able to help my patients with their sleep through mindfulness, which has good evidence in this area. I was not expecting to experience such significant changes in my own life, however. Gail’s approach is so pragmatic and she understands the busy professional and I found training with her inspiring.

Incorporating a mindfulness-based approach has undoubtedly made me a better clinician, but also a better parent, partner and a calmer and happier person.”
Alanna – Consultant Physician

“Mindfulness has helped me take time to think carefully, so the solutions I come up with are better. I’ve felt a change my approach to life and work.”
Sarah E. – Law Firm

“I tried Mindfulness with digital guides in the past and mostly ended up giving up after an enthusiastic but short try.

Gail’s mindfulness course was really eye opening. It started from simple exercises and gradually moved to more involved practice while also going through the science behind mindfulness in a methodical and clear way.

Gail is passionate about mindfulness, a clear communicator, open minded and caring. The opportunity to discuss some of my own experiences and questions with her and benefit from her thoughtful tips was invaluable. It helped me understand that mindfulness is a way of life, develop the skills I need, and really experience its benefits especially when dealing with challenging times.”
(Mindfulness course delivered on zoom)

“Many people wait until difficulties arise before looking for solutions, but happily doing Gail’s’ Mindfulness Course when I did, meant that I was much better prepared when stresses came along. Gail’s approach is straightforward, offering both a theoretical and practical perspective to mindfulness. In a sensitive and supportive environment, your knowledge and skills build until you start incorporating mindfulness into your daily life and managing thoughts and emotions becomes habitual.

I found the detailed support materials invaluable for practicing between sessions and building confidence. And finally, I found combining it with yoga completed the circle. Thoroughly recommend. Thanks!”
(Mindfulness course delivered on zoom)

Mindfulness 1-2-1 (online and in person)

Tame your brain with mindfulness and start to change your brain

We offer mindfulness coaching to help you develop your own mindfulness practice.

The sessions are 60 mins and typically cover, training attention, improving emotional intelligence, overcoming the mind’s tricks, using mindfulness to flourish and being our best selves.

Cost: £60 per session

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A Month of Meditation

Calming your mind and changing your brain

Establish a meditation practice using guided audio practices, which you can download and keep.

There are morning and evening practices covering a span of 28 days. They incorporate a range of meditative practices including breathing techniques, mindfulness and visualisation. They start at 5 minutes and build up to 25 minutes.

After the month, you will have a ‘tool box’ of practices to draw from to develop your own meditation practice going forward.

Cost: £40

Live Mindfulness Course

In a small group, over 4 sessions you will be introduced to the foundations of mindfulness, what it is, how it works and experience the benefits of practising. The sessions are 75mins and each week you will explore a different aspect of mindfulness, together with a practice and how you can practically apply it day to day. By the end of this short course, you will have a ‘tool kit’ of mindfulness techniques to help you be more present and focused, destress and improve relationships.

If you are interested in learning with a group of friends please get in touch

Cost: £120 per person

If you would like to find out more please join me for a Free Taster session

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Yoga for Individuals

Taking the first step into yoga? Coming back after a hiatus? Or a yoga enthusiast looking for more? We offer plenty of options for every level to join us and practice together.

You can enjoy the wonderful benefits of yoga: from increased mobility and strength, higher awareness, improved balance, healthier mental state, better sleep and more. There are many reasons to include yoga in your regular routine, all backed by scientific studies.

What people are saying about our Yoga

“I’ve been attending yoga sessions with Rory for around 18 months now and fully attribute his teaching for reinvigorating my love of yoga. Rory brings a wonderful sense of calm and serenity to our practice, helping me to ground back into myself no matter what I’ve felt that day.”
Olivia – Yoga student

“Rory strikes the perfect balance between supporting me to move my body through new and challenging moves while still respecting and nurturing my current physical abilities.”

“Rory is great at ensuring his practice fully embraces both the body and the mind, ensuring everyone comes off the mat feeling far better than when we arrived.”

Yoga 1-2-1 and small groups

Improve your physical and mental fitness – Become more flexible in body and mind

Yoga 1-2-1
Tailored individual yoga sessions specific to your ability and goals. With 1-2-1 bespoke support, you will make more progress.

Small groups
If you and your friends have similar ability and needs, why not join together? You may all be new to yoga or are regular practitioners wishing to perfect specific postures. Suitable for 2-6 individuals (price dependent on numbers).

Yoga sessions are available online or at your home (London based only) please contact us to discuss your options.

Cost 1-2-1: £60

Live Yoga classes

Every week I run two live classes. Monday evening in the Carnegie Library, Herne Hill and Friday morning on Zoom. Both classes are open level and I offer a variety of options for beginners and advanced practitioners.

Monday @ 19:00
Friday @ 07:15

Use the button below to book yourself on.

Yoga to Release, Relax & Refresh

Unwind, calm the mind and relax the body through gentle movement

Monday @ 20.15
Join Gail for this 45 minute online session to release tension and enjoy a guided relaxation.  A perfect way to let go of your busy day and prepare for a restful evening and better sleep.


Cost: £5

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy


Solution focused therapy…

As the name suggests, focuses on solutions that are available to you rather than on the ‘problem’. This means that therapy is forward looking and is generally a positive experience. It is a collaborative approach, using practical strategies to inspire and support change. It is important that you want to make the changes for yourself and are prepared to actively engage with the process.

Guided Hypnosis…

Is very relaxing and natural method to alter your state of consciousness. It is nothing to be wary of, you remain in control. It is in this relaxed state of heightened awareness that you are able to start to create the change you wish to see. To become that person you want to be.

What people are saying about Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

“I am so grateful for the solution-focused hypnotherapy sessions, which have made a massive difference to how I view the difficulties I have been facing. I wasn’t sure about hypnotherapy being right for me, but my improved feeling of wellbeing has convinced me.

I have especially appreciated the approach of just taking a small step each week to make a slight improvement in how things are – this has helped to make change feel achievable. Thank you again.”
Gill – Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy sessions

“All my sessions have been life changing with Gail.

I have a built a lovely bond with her and shared all the problems I have had in the past year. She has pin pointed my therapy to exactly what I have been struggling with and I have found all the advice she has given me on dealing with difficult situations, like lack of sleep and anxiety over medical appointments so very helpful. I now use them in all my day to day life.

Gail has been very attentive and understanding and has kept a close eye on me. Her therapy skills are wonderfully transporting and I enjoy every moment. Thank you.”
Charlotte – Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy sessions

“I have found the sessions with Gail very helpful. The process of talking through the things that make my life stressful and coming up with practical tools I can use to make my life flow more easily and with less stress has been incredibly useful.

Like any therapy, it is comforting to know the time is for me. I feel properly listened to and understood. Gail is professional, knowledgeable and sensitive.

The recording has been wonderful for helping me rest and sleep and I also really enjoy the live hypnotherapy.

It’s hard quantify how much less anxious I am and how much more confident I feel, but I am certain that it has had a positive impact. I feel stronger internally, more in control.”
Abigail – Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy sessions

“I just wanted to send you a quick email to express my thanks, and give some feedback with regard to the hypnotherapy sessions we have had over the past couple of months. The sessions have been incredibly insightful, and so very relaxing, and I have felt a very significant and positive change in my levels of anxiety and the way in which I approach the problems that come my way.

I can’t thank you enough for providing me with the tools to help manage every potentially stressful situation. Thanks again!”
Nicola – Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy sessions

“I was totally unprepared for the immediate and positive effect that my sessions would have on other aspects of life and my overall wellbeing. The increase in confidence that I gained from my first two practices led me to make decisions that have dramatically improved my life.

Hypnotherapy has without a doubt made me think more clearly and positively and given me the confidence to achieve things that years of previous experience effort and practice had not.”
Sarah – Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy sessions

Online sessions & in person

Improve your life – make the change you want to see with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

What to expect?
We offer an initial free 60-minute consultation in which we establish what you wish to achieve and how we can work together to help you. The subsequent typical hypnotherapy sessions comprise two parts – Solution focused therapy and the application of hypnotic techniques.

Location: Integrity Centre Moorgate, 87 Moorgate, London EC2M 6SA

Availability: Wednesday 2.15pm – 8.30pm

Online availability: Monday 2.15pm – 7.15pm, Tuesday & Thursday 11am – 4pm

Cost: Free initial consultation, followed by £75 for each 60min session

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Online groups

Not sure about individual sessions, but are interested in getting support for menopause or weight loss?

Why not find like-minded friends to join you (groups of 4-8) to participate in a 4-week introductory programme – 75mins per session.

Cost: £160 per person

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