Taming your brain with mindfulness

Accessible and scientifically validated mindfulness training for the workplace

Girl with tangled line entering left side of her head and two gently waving arrows emerging from the right of her headGirl with tangled line entering left side of her head and two gently waving arrows emerging from the right of her head


To discover how to focus more and calm your mind, why not download our free mindfulness practice.

Some of the clients we have worked with

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“Mental wellbeing is just as vital as being physically fit and we need more businesses to help their staff adopt mindfulness into their daily lives.”

Dr Davina Deniszczyc – Medical Executive Director, Nuffield Health

“MindLab’s  self-guided web-based Mindfulness training programme offers a wealth of crystal clear, inspiring, and practical guidance for how to develop and sustain a mindfulness practice in the midst of a busy professional life.  This is a powerful resource for leaders, organisations, coaches, and educators seeking an effective way to introduce themselves and their colleagues to mindfulness in a credible, well founded, and easily accessible manner.”

Dr. Joel & Michelle Levey, Founders, Wisdom at Work.
Mindfulness faculty, University of Minnesota Medical School.
Pioneers in mindfulness research, education, and organisational programmes with over 45 years of experience, renowned authors.

How can Mindfulness help you?

Mindfulness has been scientifically proven (in over 2000 peer reviewed papers) to make a positive contribution to well being in areas such as stress reduction, increased performance, improved communication and better focus & concentration.

Head icon with bulb inside brain

Building a healthy and effective mind

Being able to bounce back from adversity and grow
Optimising brain function and sharpening focus
Making better decisions with clarity and discernment
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Building emotional intelligence

Increasing self awareness to shift behaviours and unhelpful thinking
Understanding and gaining control of emotions for a calmer state of mind
Developing compassion and empathy
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Building a better world

Connecting with others – improving relationships and communication
Increasing ethical awareness, letting go of unconscious bias and improving
social responsibility
Being at peace with yourself and understanding your purpose, allowing you to make a difference

What people have said…

“Mindfulness has helped me take time to think carefully, so the solutions I come up with are better. I’ve felt a change my approach to life and work.”

Sarah Engleby – Law Firm

“Very useful programme… pleased to be able to incorporate mindfulness into my life to help my general well-being, to tackle stress and general pressure of work/ life balance.”

Manager – Global F&B Company

“Thank you for organising the mindfulness session. I’m using it in my practice lots and have convinced some of the partners in the practice too! Feedback has been positive – a brilliant experience!”

Course Participant – General Practitioner

“Gail manages to combine an accessible introduction and practical taste of mindfulness with relevant theory and evidence to back it up. I’ll certainly be asking her back for more.”

Dr Graham Easton – GP Trainee Course Director

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is training for the brain. Each time we practise, we are developing our mindfulness muscles. Research has shown that what we do and what we experience changes our brain.

Here, in their “Meet the Expert”  film, Dr. Gail Davies explains for Nuffield Health’s employees and clients what mindfulness is and some of the benefits.

“Mindfulness is the awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgementally to things as they are.”

Williams,Teasdale, Segal and Kabat-Zinn (2007)

“When I first started mindfulness I hadn’t realised just how messy my life had become. Between juggling work, friends and university I had lost the ability to listen to my own thoughts. Mindfulness has helped me to rediscover the world through a calmer mind and to achieve and overcome circumstances beyond my belief.”

Sanya, Medical Student, Imperial College

The MindLab Training Model

MindLab deliver a face-to-face introductory Mindfulness session…

“I really enjoyed the mindfulness session at Aviva today. It was very eye-opening and I feel excited at the prospect of starting mindfulness”

William, Aviva

Followed by a comprehensive online Mindfulness training course

MindLab deliver online training in core mindfulness skills through the KnowledgeLab. It’s simple to follow, rigorous and practical and will give you a useful mental tool kit to equip you for modern life.

For the best outcomes, before taking the online course we recommend that you connect with our trainer, Dr Gail Davies, in a live introductory session.

Dr Gail’s training can be tailored to sit within other initiatives such as:

  • Raising awareness around mental health
  • Supporting awareness around your organisation’s ethics, values and purpose

After completing the online KnowledgeLab training, you can find ongoing support and development with our PracticeLab.

About MindLab

Mindlab was co-founded by Dr Gail Davies and Caroline Hopkins, who have been delivering mindfulness courses into the workplace since 2011 to a wide range of organisations including financial institutions, the NHS and medical schools, universities and pharmaceutical and manufacturing companies.

Mindfulness trainer Dr Gail Davies

Dr Gail Davies – Co-founder

Dr Gail is an academic, educated at Oxford and Imperial College with a Masters in Mindfulness, and actively involved in mindfulness research. One of the UK’s leading mindfulness practitioners, she has researched, developed and delivered mindfulness programmes into the workplace and universities since 2011.

Caroloine Hopkins from MindLab Mindfulness Training

Caroline Hopkins – Co-founder

Caroline’s wealth of experience comes from a long business career fostering positive engagement, collaboration and innovative communication for organisations as diverse as AstraZeneca, HSBC, and the British Government. Caroline pioneered taking short mindfulness training courses into the workplace in 2011 and is an accredited AEOC Executive Coach.