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What We Offer

Mindlab offers a range of mindfulness solutions to enable individuals and organisations to be the best they can – improving health, wellbeing and performance.

MindLab Training

MindLab can deliver short introductory sessions, provide full bespoke days or assist organisations with the development of specific courses, as well as providing comprehensive mindfulness training for individuals. All trainings are designed to be engaging, simple to follow, rigorous and practical.

We deliver face-to-face Mindfulness sessions

“I really enjoyed the mindfulness session at Aviva today. It was very eye-opening and I feel excited at the prospect of starting mindfulness”

William, Aviva

I would like to feedback how brilliant I thought the course was! I found it so informative and supportive and actually am feeling much better in myself from it”

Helen, Nuffield Health

We have a comprehensive digital Mindfulness training course

Mindfulness For Individuals

There is no doubt that modern living is stressful, with many demands and expectations from both work and social life.  While we all want to succeed, be fulfilled and happy, this is often not the case. Putting in more effort doesn’t always reap the rewards – too often it leads to feeling more pressurised and stressed, which can impact negatively on health, including premature ageing, cause mood to be lowered and affect relationships. Even those who thrive on a challenge, in these uncertain times, may benefit from increasing their resilience.

We have developed a digital web based mindfulness training – the KnowledgeLab programme for busy individuals

  • Comprehensive science-based modular training programme covering the core skills of mindfulness
  • Access is for 3 months, but the typical time frame for completion is 6 weeks
  • Includes downloadable audio mindfulness practices to use “on the go” and for continued practise after the programme
  • Full support materials which can be saved to compile a workbook
  • Practical applications of mindfulness for the workplace

For those who would benefit from a “personal trainer” approach to learning mindfulness we have a 1-2-1 training programme

  • 6 sessions delivered face-to-face (in person, or via web) at a convenient time and location to suit you
  • Develop the core skills of mindfulness to establish a personal practice that works for you
  • Apply mindfulness techniques to address your specific needs
  • Includes access to digital materials such as downloadable audio mindfulness practices and support materials

The aim of both of these trainings is to give you a useful mental tool kit to equip you for modern life and enable you to flourish.

Thank you very insightful and lots of great ideas to find a sense of calm in a busy world” 

Health care worker

“I have a technique to use at difficult times.”

Professor – University of Southampton

“Very useful programme… pleased to be able to incorporate Mindfulness into my life to help my general well being, to tackle stress and general pressure of work/ life balance.”

Telecommunications worker

Mindfulness for Organisations

Scientific research supports that mindfulness ameliorates stress, anxiety, depression and minor illnesses resulting from weakened immune systems – all of which, if left unaddressed, contribute to absenteeism and presenteeism in the workplace.

Not only does mindfulness increase resilience, it has also been shown to enhance cognitive functioning leading to increased productivity, and enhance emotional intelligence leading to improved relationships and collaboration.

We offer

  • Standard or bespoke Introductory mindfulness sessions
  • Tailored sessions for specific needs – away days, conference talks, CPD
  • Sessions can range from 30 minutes to full days
  • Mindfulness consultancy to assist with the development of in-house mindfulness courses or the embedding of mindfulness into other programmes

“I wanted to thank you for the mindfulness session. I’m using it in my practice lots and have convinced some of the partners in the practice too! Feedback has been positive! Brilliant experience.”

GP Trainee – Half day mindfulness course

“Colleagues gave some great feedback on the session when asked about their favourite part of the day through our away day survey: The Mindfulness session, as a tool to help everyday focus in busy and stressed environment.”

Department for Culture Media and Sport – Away day

“Thank you for delivering a really interesting and thought provoking course. It has certainly influenced the way I interact with clients and has been very positive.”

Physiologist – Nuffield Health CPD day

What’s next?

If you would like to find out more about what we offer or how we can help you or your organisation, please  send us an email info@mind-lab.com.  Alternatively, submit the contact form.  We look forward to hearing from you,