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Why Mindfulness in the workplace?

The Health and Safety Executive reports that work-related stress in the workplace increased in 2014/15. Stress accounted for 35% of all work-related ill health cases and 43% of all working days lost due to ill health.

Employees themselves report feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of their workload and unable to focus. According to the Office for National Statistics, anxiety and depression have increased, leading to an unprecedented number of work-related illnesses, amounting to 9.2 million days absenteeism in just one year, costing the UK economy £30bn p.a.

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Workplace Benefits

Good mental health continues to be recognised as an important part of employee wellbeing and is increasingly included in workplace benefits programmes.

Mindlab are delighted to have partnered with Mercer as part of their Healthy workplace programme.   Mindlab’s affordable digital web based course is a valuable addition to Mercer’s wide range of offerings.

“Mental wellbeing is just as vital as being physically fit and we need more businesses to help their staff adopt mindfulness into their daily lives.”

Dr Davina Deniszczyc – Medical Executive Director, Nuffield Health

We partnered with Nuffield Health to test the KnowledgeLab Programme, our modular web based mindfulness programme. We responded to feedback and refined the course so that it delivers the best outcomes for organisations and employees.

“A calmer outlook while at work and outside. The feeling that I am more resilient to stress, change and uncertainty. Better concentration and less mental fatigue at the end of the working week.”

Nuffield Health employee

MindLab’s mindfulness training is tailored to the workplace – it is accessible, scalable and relevant. We focus on the hard science behind mindfulness, and this approach resonates with employees. Mindfulness practice can tone the brain in the same way that going to the gym helps to tone the body.

“Mindfulness can help individuals to manage workplace stress, perform tasks more effectively, enhance self-awareness and self-regulation, experience work as more meaningful, improve workplace relationships, increase ethical behaviour, and make perception more accurate. It also pays dividends for leaders and managers, by improving the quality of their listening and communicating.”

Dan Macormick – Professor of Management at the University of California

“It is not a perk that makes this a nice, fluffy place to work. It makes you better and it makes the company better. We really believe in the hard science aspects of it.”

Evan Williams – Co-founder of Twitter, speaking about mindfulness in the workplace

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