Evidence based techniques and therapiesto tame your brain and change your life

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It is not uncommon, at some point in our lives, to find we are unsure about the direction we are going in, we want to re-evaluate, take stock of our lives and make changes.

This may be precipitated by a life event bringing things into question. A relationship ending, children leaving home, a health concern, retirement or changing jobs. For many of us, the pandemic has caused us to question what we want out of life, we have a longing to do something different, but are not sure how to start.

We know that we want to make changes, but find ourselves paralysed by indecision, perhaps caught in a loop of procrastination or simply ‘stuck in a rut’. To make matters worse, we may even be uncertain of what our innermost desires are? Perhaps we have suppressed them for too long, caught up in our ‘duties’, whatever they are? Often, we believe we won’t be able to achieve them, so it is simply not worth going there. After all, why set ourselves up for disappointment.

So how do we get over this obstacle and move forwards?

The mind in simple terms can be seen as consisting of the conscious, our intellectual mind, and the subconscious. It is through the conscious mind that we engage with our world. It is responsible for our reasoning, logic, how we communicate and behave. We put trust in this ‘intellect’ to make the right choices, make sense of things and come up with answers. What we are generally unaware of, is the influence of our subconscious. This is essentially, a vast resource that we can draw on. It is a depository where all our experiences, knowledge, beliefs and emotions are stored. It has a wealth of information about ourselves and our experiences.
In fact, your subconscious mind knows you better than you do!

When used appropriately, it can be hugely beneficial, an amazing resource, a valuable reference bank. It allows us to carry out routine activities without having to actively think, such as riding a bicycle, driving or using the coffee machine. It is also very creative. Many of us are aware that we do our best ‘thinking’ when we are not trying! That ‘Eureka moment.’ So why not take advantage of this? We can do this through hypnotherapy, using hypnosis?

Hypnosis or trance, as it is sometimes called, is a state of focused attention. It is important to remember that it is a perfectly natural state and can be considered akin to day dreaming, it also has many similarities to REM sleep. We go in and out of hypnosis, day dream, throughout the day. We can be in a trance when listening to music, watching a film, or when we are deeply in thought. At these times, we are acutely focused, everything else is blanked out. In hypnotherapy, we use this trance state, this focused state of awareness and apply it to whatever we are trying to address. Importantly, in this state we have access to our subconscious and we can bring together all the abilities of our conscious mind and subconscious to focus on the same thing, which is hugely powerful.

During hypnotherapy sessions, the therapist works together with you helping you find solutions. Combining, approaches from psychotherapy (talking therapy), relaxation and positive imagery with trance. This enables you to fully utilise that state of focused, creative, awareness to determine and pursue the change you want to make.

Why not ‘dare to dream big’ and make your subconscious work for you?

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