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Why Online Mindfulness training

Over the last five years, we have delivered mindfulness training in various formats in the workplace. In addition, we have tried and tested different models within Nuffield Health, a UK not-for-profit organisation with 12,000 employees whose remit is to look after the wellbeing of the nation. As the workplace has changed, we have adapted. We have listened to all our clients’ feedback and this is what is important to them:

  • Training is accessible, scalable and available for everyone in the organisation at an affordable price
  • Training is flexible and can be done anyplace, anywhere, anytime including at non-UK offices

They also said they liked:

  • A science-based/no gimmicks approach
  • Face-to-face contact as an introduction to Mindfulness to engage with Dr Gail Davies

“Our findings indicate that a short training programme in mindfulness meditation has demonstrable effects on brain and immune function.”

Professor Richard Davidson – University of Wisconsin

What is our model?

We have developed an online training programme, which is combined with a face-to-face Introduction to Mindfulness.

  • 45 -minute face-to-face Introduction to Mindfulness by Dr Gail in your workplace to engage employees prior to them signing up for our online training in our the KnowledgeLab
  • The Introduction is for unlimited numbers, the session can be tailored to meet your business challenges and repeated at different times throughout the day to offer maximum opportunity for people to attend
  • Recorded version for those who can’t attend face-to-face or live stream for non UK workplaces
  • Email follow up sent to those who attend or watch the Introduction simple sign up to the KnowledgeLab
  • Access our the KnowledgeLab for 3 months although the course is usually completed in around 4 weeks
  • Comprehensive science-based modular training programme covering the core skills of mindfulness
  • There are varied materials catering for different learning styles, including downloadable mindfulness practices and full support materials
  • A certificate is issued on completion which can be used for CPD
  • Executive summary of engagement sent to the organisation at end of the 3 months based on anonymous data

What’s next?

If you would like us to come and talk to your organisation, please call us on 0739 222 0784 or send us an email info@mind-lab.com.