woman standing in front of graphic background with the appearance of a squiggly line entering the left of her head and two gently wavy arrows emerging from the right hand side

MindLab’s Goodworks

Mindlab deliver pro bono mindfulness training for individuals and communities that do not have access to mindfulness, but may benefit from it.  This has included medical students, care providers and cancer patients, as well as supporting research and charities.

Mindfulness Moments

In collaboration with Nuffield Health, we created a book called Mindfulness Moments. Designed by students from the London College of Communication as part of their final year project, and supported by Nuffield Health.

Mindfulness Moments features practical tips from previous participants of mindfulness sessions on how to integrate mindfulness into everyday life. It also includes a tip from Dr Gill Hicks MBE, London 7/7 bombings survivor, who explains how mindfulness helped her both physically and mentally survive after the attacks.

Watch how Mindfulness Moments was brought to life and produced through mindful collaboration:

“I was too focused on other people for a long time until I realised I was running myself ragged and had to take some time for myself. I use mindfulness practice as ‘me’ time.”

Dr Gill Hicks MBE – London 7/7 bombings survivor