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Legacy Thinking with Mindfulness

When working with leaders across many market sectors, we have seen the “ripple effect” of how mindful leaders can have a positive influence on the heart and soul of an organisation. Not only with more authentic engagement, communication and relationships but also more connected with its purpose and values. By being more “real” and coming off auto-pilot, leaders have reported that they are making wiser decisions and becoming more creative. This has led to a better workplace and happier, less stressed employees.

We received the following feedback after delivering Legacy Thinking with Mindfulness at Royal Bank of Scotland.

“Thinking about one’s place in this world and the role we want to play in it could easily stay at the conceptual level because it raises some really challenging questions we often shy away from asking ourselves. Neil & Caroline managed to make this very real for the delegates on our Women in Leadership programme by taking the women through simple, yet compelling activities and creating a safe environment to explore one’s future legacy.”

May Ireland, Royal Bank of Scotland

“Inspirational and thought provoking.”

Professor Peter Hawkins, Professor of Leadership at Henley Business School

“Powerful food for thought. The need for more ‘legacy thinking’ is strong, across all industries, as events continue to show.”

Darren Meek, London Financial Services leader, PWC

“These principles and ideas will resonate with all concerned and responsible leaders.”

Peter Cheese, Chief Executive, CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development

We are collaborating with Neil Scotton and Dr Alister Scott, co-founders of the One Leadership Project, to develop powerful cutting edge workshops which give leaders a number of tools to help them create a more mindful organisation. This includes legacy thinking with mindfulness which looks at leadership from the perspective of others and how they wish to be remembered.