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We are often asked for one-to-one coaching to help support individuals and teams. We feel it is important that that there is the right ‘chemistry’ between the coach and coachee and offer a free 45 minute introductory meeting to ensure that that both parties feel they are able to work with one another.

We then suggest a minimum of 6 sessions, which are generally between 1-2 hours. These can be face to face or via skype/telephone.

If you would like to know more then please contact Caroline Hopkins by email at caroline@mind-lab.com

Caroline Hopkins – AoEC accredited Executive Coach

Caroline’s style of coaching is to support and challenge the client by creating a safe place for them to pause and understand from their own perspective and the perspective of the other stakeholders, the reality of where they are now and the potential that lies before them.

By helping leaders to become more self aware, they are able to create shifts in their thinking and behaviours. Often a series of small adjustments can lead to the biggest changes. Caroline creates the space to give people the ability to see what these are and how to make them happen. The outcome is often better communication and more creative decision making, which both impacts and accelerates the growth of their teams and business.

What some of Caroline’s clients have said…

“I have been fortunate to work with Caroline, experienced in Commercial business, very able to create a relaxed coaching environment and skilled in bringing out opportunities and challenges I am considering in a calm and positive manner.
The techniques used are simple, very effective and fun to work through! It has been valuable for both work and personal ambitions, starting with the idea but building the practical steps of how I intend to achieve my ambitions, which makes it real and possible and all decided by me, for me!
I look forward to the coaching sessions and leave them refreshed and energetic.”

Melanie Hannay, Regional Director, RBS

“Working with Caroline has been transformative. With Caroline’s guiding support, confidence building and practical tools, I’ve learnt an incredible amount about myself, and I’ve never felt so positive about taking control of the future. I always left feeling amazed at what you can achieve in a session.”

Liz Hemus, Senior Brand Manager, Omega Pharmaceuticals

“Caroline instantly put me at ease and expertly tapped into what was important for us to focus on throughout my coaching journey. The sessions gave me incredible insights into my own and others’ behaviour, and provided me with some fantastic strategies to take forward not only in my career but also in my personal life, to enable me to be a much more effective leader and practitioner. Thank you Caroline for your depth of insight and for challenging me on the important things – you have made a massive difference to the way I operate and to my thinking in terms of the type of leader I want to be.”

Deborah Cobb, Senior Business Psychologist, ETS

To find out more

If you would like to know more then please contact Caroline Hopkins by email at caroline@mind-lab.com