woman with long read hair standing in front of graphic background with the appearance of a squiggly line entering the left of his head and two gently wavy arrows emerging from the right hand side

New Year – New Brain

At the beginning of a New Year many of us make commitments to change things. It may be to eat more healthily, drink less, take more exercise or be more assertive at work. It may be aspirational, to secure a promotion or gain a qualification. We start off... Read more

How Mindfulness Boosts Happiness

Today is the International Day of Happiness, so to celebrate let’s have a look at how mindfulness makes people happy, by literally changing the physical structure of the brain. First though, a question: are you happiest when you mind is wandering, or when you are... Read more

Using Mindfulness to get into Flow

The flow state is linked to enhanced personal growth because it requires an appropriate balance of challenge and skill. Have a read of the quote below and see if it sounds familiar to you: “My mind isn’t wandering. I am totally involved in what I am doing and I am not... Read more