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Mindlab was co-founded by Dr Gail Davies and Caroline Hopkins, who have been delivering mindfulness courses into the workplace since 2011 to a wide range of organisations including financial institutions, the NHS and medical schools, universities and pharmaceutical and manufacturing companies.

Mindfulness trainer Dr Gail Davies

Dr Gail Davies – Co-founder

Dr Gail is an academic, educated at Oxford and Imperial College with a Masters in Mindfulness, and actively involved in mindfulness research. One of the UK’s leading mindfulness practitioners, she has researched, developed and delivered mindfulness programmes into the workplace and universities since 2011.

Caroloine Hopkins from MindLab Mindfulness Training

Caroline Hopkins – Co-founder

Caroline’s wealth of experience comes from a long business career fostering positive engagement, collaboration and innovative communication for organisations as diverse as AstraZeneca, HSBC, and the British Government. Caroline pioneered taking short mindfulness training courses into the workplace in 2011 and is an accredited AEOC Executive Coach.

As well as Co-founders Dr. Gail Davies and Caroline Hopkins, MindLab also draws together a highly experienced team of professionals in the form of its advisory board and collaborative partners, who support us in the creation and delivery of up-to-date and scientifically validated Mindfulness training.

Professor George Lewith – Former Chair

Professor George Lewith – Former Chair

Professor George Lewith sadly died on 17th March 2017. He was Professor of Health and Research at the University of Southampton where he led an internationally respected integrated medicine research group. George was a great intellect, with a generosity of spirit that meant he was a mentor and inspiration to many, ourselves included. He uniquely provided a wealth of expertise from his clinical, commercial and research experience, which we have been fortunate enough to benefit from. He was always there to advise, support and make things happen. Moreover, he was an enthusiastic, warm and kind-hearted individual, a friend and colleague who will be deeply missed.

The MindLab Advisory Board

Professor Mike Thomas PhD FRCP

Professor Mike Thomas PhD FRCP – Chair

Currently Professor of Primary Care Research at the University of Southampton where he leads the community-based respiratory research programme. He has a particular interest in non-drug treatments, ‘real-world’ outcomes and pragmatic clinical research.

Dr Jeol and Michelle Levy

Dr Joel and Michelle Levey

Internationally-renowned mindfulness ‘gurus’, Dr Joel and Michelle Levey are working to develop a wiser and more compassionate world with the likes of NASA, Google, The World Bank, Microsoft – and us!

Alan Julyan

Alan Julyan

Currently a consultant with Charles Russell Speechlys, Alan advises on all aspects of employment matters and labour law for domestic and international clients. Alan is an experienced mediator. He has personal experience of mindfulness and continues to use it.

Dr Gill Hicks

Dr Gill Hicks

Dr Gill Hicks was severely and permanently injured in the 7/7 bombings. Mindfulness continues to help her recover from her traumatic physical and mental injuries, and she works at international level to promote sustainable peace and a better world.

Dr Harbinder Sandhu

A HCPC Registered Psychologist, Director of Health Psychology Services Ltd. and Associate Professor at Warwick University Medical School, her clinical work involves applications of psychology in sport, chronic pain management and other long term conditions.